Collection: Stovetop Covers

Process to order stovetop cover.

  • Send us the measurement of your stovetop. Width x Depth. 
  • The stovetop cover comes in a stain color of your choice so it can match your kitchen. You can either choose your stain color or send us a picture of your kitchen area we will then send you a color we think will match your kitchen for approval.  
  • We will match the handles unless you would like a specific handle. 
  • Once the artwork is done we will forward it for your approval. We also have a library of artwork to choose from in our Graphics Collection.  
  • Once it's done printing we add a food grade oil and finish on the cover So it would be safe for use as a cutting board or a tray to serve food. 


Care instructions:

Hand Wash thoroughly before and after use.

Avoid abrasive cleaners.

Do not use over open flame.

Avoid cross-contamination of all food prep equipment.

Do not soak in water or exposed to heat or sunlight.

Wash with running water and dry after use.